It’s Dan’s Birthday Again!

August 13th

This is the week that I used to scramble around looking for the kookiest birthday card I could find and send it off to Maine. As technology improved, I resorted to emails and short movie clips of something unusual or funny. Now I just look for bizarre stuff to post on my blog. I remember going to most of these shows. Bo Diddley lived close by in New Mexico and I got to see him play that crazy Gretsch guitar.

Bo’s guitar

Then there was the Buddy Guy and Jr. Wells  show. Straight out of Chicago Buddy Guy took the stage first. After a what seemed to be an overextended intro, Jr Wells finally came on stage. It was a moment in Blues History. It was back in the day when you could see your heros in a small club. Then there was Franky and the Aliens. Much said and written previously about precious moments in time.  My favorite Blow Wind Blow
till shines with the magic of that evening.

Dan was fascinated with gurning. “And now for something entirely different, a man with three buttocks.” Monty Python.  Of course it’s British. Here is a link to the Gurning Championship via the BBC.
This one is for you Dan. Happy Birthday you loveable old Loon.


7 responses to “It’s Dan’s Birthday Again!

  • Bev

    Happy birthday, Dan! Thank you, Jon for sharing the memories…

  • Patty

    Thank you, Jon, for the smiles on your stories of remembering Dan’s Birthday.

  • Dianne Turner

    Jon, thank you so much for sharing more great memories! I remember how excited I was to figure out that the circled date on the calendar might possibly mean that it was DF’s birthday! My heart aches for you, knowing how much you are missing Dan and would have continued to have such fun times together! I am so sad today, but can rejoice with all the lovely tunes our minstrel left us with! Peace, brother.

  • Joan

    To every season there is a season, gurn, gurn gurn . . . . .
    All I can say to the gurn pict is . . . . well shut my mouth!!! The damn dog took my dentures again.

    LOL cheers! and happy B-day dan. You are deeply missed.


  • Joan

    To everything there is a season, gurn, gurn, gurn . . .Having a hard time typing without those dentures . . . .sheeesh.


  • S

    It was a very nice August, Dan. You would’ve liked it. Nights are longer and colder now, the daylight is slanted and sharp, critters are getting quieter and the sound really carries across the water when something does make a peep or a squonk. Still beautiful, though. Those of us who live here are all, in a way, in a three way relationship. Married to Maine and never letting go. In fact, I sometimes think maybe she still pines for you, Dan. (Pun intended! HA!!)

  • Holli Murphy

    I really like “Maybe Time Will Let Me Forget”. I was just born too late…I love that early 60s sound. Nice tribute to Dan at the end of the video.

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