Autumn leaves hurry on
Winters here winters gone
Summer days quickly flee
Leaving not a thing for me

But memories and grateful to have known you


6 responses to “Gratitude

  • Tim Ogard

    Grateful for the memories you share of your friend, who found his way into the hearts of so many. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jon.

  • Dianne

    All I can say is “Thank you, Jon” for being you. You rock, dude!

  • Tom K.

    Inspired and poignant. I love the memories that you take the time to share with us all. Peace and success to you my friend. By the way, Steve at the Pioneer Inn says Hi. All the best for the holidays…

  • Dorothy Nell Thomas

    I am feeling such gratitude tonight Jon, for your sharing all of these lovely stories, loving memories, music…… I have had a peaceful evening, spending the last few hours on your blog. My life was forever changed in 1978 (transitioning from superficial southern belle to discovering I had an authentic self) from the moment I began listening to Dan’s music. He was my most potent ‘teacher’, though he never set out to teach. THAT is the mark of the best teachers I believe. Thank you again! Blessings to you and yours.

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